Whale Museum Experience

    • Caniço • Miradouro do Rosário • Museu da Baleia (Caniçal) • Machico • Caniço    

   Tours: Sunday

   Boarding: 14h30m

   Duration: Halfday

   Adult: 22.50€ Child: 10.00€

   Stops: 3 ViewPoints


With departure from Caniço, the Tour Whale Museum Experience will lead you to Caniçal, a nice fishing village.
Passing through some of the reiognal old roads that used to made the connection to the Madeira airport, you can enjoy wonderfull sightseeing, aboard our mini buses ou at one of the most emblematic viewpoints from the east coast.
It will be a time travel, starting at the present, but the destiny will be the past. This stage will be marked by the visit to the Whale Museum, located in Caniçal Village. Inaugurated in a new space in September 2011, the museum is full of a valuable ethnographic collection that recovers utensils and past experiences, rigorously documenting the whaling history that occurred in Madeira throughout the 20th century.
The Whale Museum comes up as a whale hunting history testimonial and is one of the most innovative museums of its kind at international level.
The Museum visits are accompanied by an audio guide system available in 5 languages (Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish).

Join us on this adventure...